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Service Max Atlanta Appliance Repair offers comprehensive appliance repair and service over the entire metro Atlanta area.

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dreamstime_l_30042999With over 20 years of experience, Atlanta Appliance Repair Company ServiceMAX is your company to get the job done right the first time.

In the 60s, your grandmother could depend on having her washing machine and refrigerator run flawlessly for 15 years at a time. According to a Consumer Reports story (In down economy, appliance repairs are on the rise), modern America’s home appliances are nowhere near as dependable. A New York Times report called Appliance Anxiety: Replace It or Fix It? notes that 1 in 5 new washing machines, dishwashers and gas ranges sold today stop working within 3 years. One in 3 refrigerators break down in the same period.

We Repair Everything

There’s no appliance that we don’t specialize in. We have the training and the parts for each one of the following and much more:
Dryer RepairRange RepairTrash Compactor RepairStove RepairWarming Drawer RepairIce Machine RepairOven RepairRefrigerator RepairDryer RepairWashing Machine Repair• Garbage Disposal Repair • & More!

Emergency? Not a problem! We Come to You on Your Time!

ServiceMAXIt’s never a good time to have an appliance break. Let ServiceMAX Atlanta Appliance Repair get your appliance fixed quickly and affordably. Don’t replace your appliance until you have spoken to ServiceMAX.

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Appliance technicians tend to have a rule of thumb — if a repair is likely to cost half the price of a new machine, they advise clients to give up on it and simply head to the store. These days, though, clients tend to ignore the suggestion. They are anxious about keeping their appliances running for as long as possible even if it means spending only $100 less than what a new appliance would cost.

Once you do decide to fix your appliance instead of replacing it, the going isn’t usually easy. Calling the company’s service center can result in hours on the phone. Calling a random local service tech can be an unpleasant experience. Their visit windows tend to span hours. When they do pay a visit, more often than not, they don’t have the right parts.

ServiceMAX – Your Appliances Fixed On Time, The First Time

Delayed appliance repair can be terrible news for a family. It can mean that family members don’t have a meal at home for days and that hundreds are lost while one is away from work, waiting for an appliance technician to show up. This is exactly the kind of unacceptable scenario that ServiceMAX Appliance Repair Atlanta helps clients avoid.

The only reason we’ve lasted 20 years in the business of fixing appliances is that we are punctual and we know how to get appliances fixed the very first time we send one of our highly trained technicians. We pride ourselves on our professionalism.

We Offer A Price Guarantee

At ServiceMax, we want our customers to see that we love being fair. This is why we offer a price guarantee. If you have a written estimate with a lower price from a competitor, we will match it. We will never blindside you, either. Whatever a repair project costs, we always make sure that you know about it before we proceed. You control what repairs get done.

We Do Emergency Calls And We Keep Our Appointments

There’s never a good time for an appliance to break down. Whatever the appliance may be, if you need it fixed right now, ServiceMAX Appliance Repair Atlanta does excellent emergency repair service. Even if you believe that driving out and buying a new appliance is the quickest way to get your life back to normal, it’s never a good idea to buy until you’ve talked to ServiceMax. We are in the business of keeping appliances running flawlessly for a long time.

Book Online & Save 20% Now With ServiceMAX – Click Here